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The R90C is an IO-Link device hub to consolidate and send discrete signals to an IO-Link Master over a standard M12 cable. The R90C features four input ports. Each input port has two discrete channels (either PNP or NPN).

  • Compact bimodal to IO-Link device converter that connects discrete inputs and sends the value to the IO-Link Master
  • Enabled Delay Modes: ON/OFF Delay, ON/OFF/Retriggerable One-shot, ON/OFF
  • Pulse-stretcher and Totalizer
  • Measurement Metrics: Count, Events Per Minute (EPM), and Duration
  • Discrete Mirroring: Discrete signals (In/Out) from all ports can be mirrored to any of the four ports, Discrete Out, or the host white wire output
  • Can output a discrete signal as received from IO-Link Master Process Data Out
  • Discrete input/output can be independently configured as NPN or PNP
  • Rugged over-molded design meets IP65, IP67, and IP68
  • Connects directly to a sensor or anywhere in-line for ease of use
  • R90C IO-Link Hubs are a quick, easy, and economical way to integrate non-IO-Link discrete devices into an IO-Link system

R90C Series: 4 Port Discrete IO-Link Hub 

  • Form Factor R90
  • Connector Input 2 Integral M12
  • Color2 None
  • Color1 None
  • Function Converter
  • IO-Link Device Yes
  • IP Rating IP65, IP67, IP68
  • Device Size (mm) 50.5 x 90
  • Current <50 mA
  • Voltage 18 to 30 V dc
  • Input Discrete Input & Output
  • 4-pin M12 QDs
  • Connector Integral M12
  • IO Link Yes

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