Banner R90C Snap Signal IO-Link Hub/Master

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The R90C is an IO-Link device hub to consolidate and send discrete signals to an IO-Link Master over a standard M12 cable. The R90C features four input ports. Each input port has two discrete channels (either PNP or NPN). 

The Banner R90C IO-Link Master is a compact device for converting IO-Link signals from four IO-Link ports into Modbus RTU, for IIoT and factory control systems.

Banner’s I/O Link products simplify your control systems, elevate their performance, reduce costs, and enhance customization possibilities, ensuring a cutting-edge solution for diverse industrial applications.

  • Reduce the number of components in your control system
  • Consolidate functionality from multiple parts into one I/O block using pin-level customization

IO-Link masters can accommodate IO-Link signal collection for IIoT implementation on a large scale, but they also offer a cost-effective solution for users who only have a small count of IO-Link devices. This approach gives users the flexibility to start on a smaller scale and add more IO-Link connectivity as their operations expand over time. If devices connected to the IO-Link masters need to be replaced due to damage or any other reason, the device can be swapped out with an identical part, and the IO-Link master will auto-recognize and rapidly configure the new sensor with the correct sensor settings for the application. 

IO-Link Hubs let you connect large numbers of discrete sensors and actuators to to an IO-Link Master via standard M12 cables. Each hub can connect up to 8 or 16 (model dependent) sensors or actuators via IO-Link. These solutions can be combined with Banner's IO-Link Masters for transmitting discrete IO to a higher-level control system.

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Hub R90C-4B21-KQ
Master R90C-4K-MQ

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