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The R45C IO-Link Master serves as a gateway for connecting IO-Link devices to a Snap Signal IIoT system, or other control systems that use the Modbus RTU protocol.  R45C's are an ideal master converter for collecting and transmitting machine data, process parameters, and diagnostic information from IO-Link devices.

  • Connects two IO-Link devices and provides access via Modbus RTU interface
  • Rugged design; easy installation with no assembly or individual wiring required
  • 5-pin M12 male quick disconnect connector
  • Two 4-pin M12 female quick disconnect connectors
  • Built-in indication for two IO-Link master ports
  • Built-in indication for Modbus RTU connection status
  • Rugged over-molded design meets IP65, IP67, and IP68
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IO Link Analog Voltage R45C-K-UQ
2 IO-Link Devices   R45C-2K-MQ
Dual Analog Current In Dual Analog Current Out R45C-KII-IIQ
Female#1: Discrete IO ; Male PICK IQ ; FEMALE#2 PICK IQ   R45C-B22-SQ
Dual Analog Voltage In Dual Analog Voltage R45C-KUU-UUQ
IO-link Analog Current R45C-K-IQ
IO-Link to Analog Voltage In Analog Voltage R45C-K-UUQ
IO-Link to Analog Current In Analog Current R45C-K-IIQ
RSD Communications over Pin 2 (White Wire) Analog Voltage R45C-RSDW-IQ
RSD Communications over Pin 2 (White Wire) Analog Current R45C-RSDW-UQ
RSD Communications over Pin 5 (Gray Wire) Analog Current R45C-RSDG-IQ
RSD Communications over Pin 5 (Gray Wire) Analog Voltage R45C-RSDG-UQ
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