Panametrics OptiSonde Chilled Mirror Hygrometer for High Precision Humidity Measurement

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Panametrics OptiSonde chilled mirror hygrometer offers precision humidity measurement with NIST-traceable data.

Territory Restriction: Lesman is the authorized distributor for Panametrics flowmeters, humidity, dewpoint, and moisture analyzers, plus gas measurement and analytics instrumentation in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Northern Indiana, Oregon, and Southwest Washington.

When you need high precision, accurate lab and process humidity and temperature measurement without long-term drift, Panametrics OptiSonde chilled mirror hygrometer offers precision humidity measurement with NIST-traceable data. The OptiSonde is designed for critical measurement applications in environmental test chambers, engine test cells, clean rooms, air conditioning and heat exchange coil testing, and metrology labs.

The analyzers are available in benchtop or wall-mount configurations, and can be connected to either a single or two-stage chilled mirror sensor and PRTD. The sensors can plug into the wall-mount chassis for facility monitoring without needing a cable run. They can also be connected up to 300 feet away from the analyzer for remote monitoring.

  • Displays and transmits dewpoint, relative humidity, dry bulb, wet bulb, absolute humidity, volume ratio, and mass ratio
  • PACER cycle automatically cleans mirror to ensure measurement integrity
  • Front-panel analyzer configuration for simple operation
  • Built-in datalogger records 100 days of historical data (1-second sample rate)
  • Two analog outputs plus communications over RS-232
  • Compatible with Panametrics PanaLog Viewer PC software for data storage, viewing data graphically, or exporting to Excel for further analysis and reporting
  • NIST traceable humidity measurements
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