Panametrics HygroPro II Intrinsically Safe Loop-Powered Moisture Meter

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Intrinsically safe, loop-powered aluminum oxide moisture transmitter measures ppb trace to ambient levels of moisture concentration in gases and non-aqueous liquids. 4-20 mA and HART output.

Territory Restriction: Lesman is the authorized distributor for Panametrics flowmeters, humidity, dewpoint, and moisture analyzers, plus gas measurement and analytics instrumentation in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Northern Indiana, Oregon, and Southwest Washington.

Panametrics HygroPro II is an intrinsically safe, compact, loop-powered display transmitter designed to meet the demands of rugged industrial and hydrocarbon processing applications. It can measure moisture concentration in gases and non-aqueous liquids from trace to ambient levels, and provides both a 4 to 20 mA output and HART digital communications.

The HygroPro II consists of the display keypad housing and an easily field-replaceable transducer element that contains the moisture sensor, thermistor, optional pressure transducer, electronics, and EEPROM memory that stores calibration data. The new HygroPro II advanced aluminum oxide moisture sensor has onboard temperature compensation and state-of-the-art hygrometery software.

Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including petrochemical, natural gas, industrial gas, semiconductor, furnace gas, heat treating, power generation, air dryers, pharmaceutical, and aerospace.

  • Ambient to ppb-level moisture measurement in gases and non-aqueous liquids
  • Next-generation aluminum oxide moisture sensor with onboard temperature compensation is unaffected by ambient temperature changes
  • Analog and digital outputs plus HART communications
  • Integrated backlit LCD display and six-button keypad for complete intuitive programming capability
  • Built-in thermistor and optional pressure transducer for real-time measurement of sample dew/frost point, temperature, and pressure
  • Built-in multi-drop network capability via digital HART interface, for connecting multiple units on a single network
  • Type 4X/IP66/IP67 enclosure
  • Available for use in general purpose, Class I, Div 1, Class II, III environments
  • Calibrations traceable to NIST or NPL with the option of fully accredited calibration to ISO 17025
  • Ships with cable and connector, cable connector guard, aluminum dessicant cap with removal instruction label
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