Panametrics flare.IQ Advanced Flare Control and Digital Verification Platform

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Panametrics' flare.IQ is a control computer that receives inputs and sends outputs to the customer’s distributed control system (DCS) via TCP/IP Modbus to control a flare’s fuel gas and steam supply valves. It is a complete turnkey hardware and software solution that enables regulatory compliance along with increased efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Territory Restriction: Lesman is the authorized distributor for Panametrics flowmeters, humidity, dewpoint, and moisture analyzers, plus gas measurement and analytics instrumentation in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and Northern Indiana.

System hardware includes two 19” rack-mounting sheet metal modules. The top module is for power distribution and networking, including redundant power supplies, a pair of ethernet switches and other power equipment and cables. The bottom unit houses the compact fanless digital processing units (DPU), which control the flare stacks and verify flare flowmeters.

  • Manages flare assets remotely 24/7
  • Verifies flare meters remotely, eliminating the logistical and operational costs of technician support, scaffolding, and permit application associated with traditional flare verification
  • Performs scheduled or on-demand digital validation of ultrasonic flowmeters installed on the vent gas line
  • Pulls critical information about your flare system, including temperature, pressure, vent gas velocities, and gas composition to calculate the optimum levels of flare performance
  • Provides accurate, real-time production floor data so you can intervene quickly and optimize flare combustion efficiency
  • Identifies issues early with real-time access to combustion efficiency data on the production floor
  • Optimizes flare operations, reduce emissions, and save costs
  • Reduces methane slip emissions, minimizes costs from flaring operations, and improves transparency for flare operations
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