Panametrics DigitalFlow DF868 Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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Panametrics DigitalFlow DF868 is a single or dual-channel liquid flowmeter for use with clamp-on or clamp-in transducers.

Territory Restriction: Lesman is the authorized distributor for Panametrics flowmeters, humidity, dewpoint, and moisture analyzers, plus gas measurement and analytics instrumentation in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Northern Indiana, Oregon, and Southwest Washington.

Panametrics DigitalFlow DF868 is a full-featured fixed-installation liquid flowmeter, designed to meet your flow metering and energy measurement needs. Patented Correlation Transit-Time™ digital signal processing provides drift-free measurement in both ultra-clean and most "dirty" liquids, including fluids with gas bubbles and entrained solids that would historically require the use of Doppler-type meters.

Using clamp-on flow transducers, the DF868 flow meter measures flow rate through metal, plastic or even concrete-lined pipes without penetrating the pipe wall.  Clamp-in wetted transducers can be attached to the inner wall of larger pipes, and come with dual element heads for 100% redundancy.

  • Single-and dual-channel modes to reduce cost-per-measurement-point
  • Good for applications on pipe sizes from 1/2" to 300" and larger
  • Two independent programmable graphic LCDs
  • Three inputs, multiple analog, totalizer/frequency, and alarm relay outputs
  • Energy measurement option for velocity, volumetric, and energy flow rates
  • TransFlection mode for difficult multiphase fluids
  • Built-in 43,000-point datalogger, includes totalized flow and trend data
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