AquaMetrix P60R8-015 Differential pH Sensor: 1.45" Insertion Length

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Differential pH electrode in Kynar enclosure. Measures from 0 to 14 pH. 1.45" fixed insertion depth for flow-through or submersible installations. Comes standard with 15-foot cable. Compatible with AM-2250 and AM-2251 analyzer/controllers, AM-2250TX transmitter. Replacement for GLI pH probes.

AquaMetrix P60R8 industrial-grade, chemically resistant differential pH sensor offers a fixed insertion length for 1.5" NPT threaded flow-through or submersible installations. With its domed glass process electrode, and double-junction replaceable salt bridge, the P60R8 is designed to provide accurate pH measurement and longer service life under demanding process conditions.

The P60R8 features an encapsulated preamp so the sensor can be installed up to 3000 feet from the analyzer. A built-in RTD in the sensor tip provides automatic temperature compensation, for rapid response in fluctuating process temperatures.

  • Key applications include industrial and municipal water treatment, waste treatment and neutralization, fume scrubbers, plating, circuit board manufacturing, food and beverage, chemical processing, pulp and paper, and mining
  • Differential pH electrode measures 0 to 14 pH with 0.02 pH accuracy, 0.01 pH sensitivity
  • Automatic temperature compensation with Pt1000 RTD (standard)
  • Double junction field-replaceable salt bridge
  • Encapsulated preamplifier provides output signal transmission up to 3000 feet
  • Rated for use in temperatures 23° to 203° F (-5° to 95°C) and pressures to 100 PSIG max
  • Ryton and Kynar body, glass electrode, titanium palladium alloy and Viton wetted parts
  • Total length 7.1", 1.45" fixed insertion depth, 2.14" OD max diameter
  • Comes standard with 15-foot (4.5m) cable
  • Compatible with AquaMetrix AM-2250 and AM-2251 liquid analytical controllers and AM-2250TX liquid analytical transmitter
  • One AquaMetrix P60R8 is a direct replacement for Great Lakes (Hach) pH sensors 6022P0, 6028P0, 6052P0, and 6058P0; Compatible with Hach SC100, SC200, GLI53 controllers
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Measuring Range 0 to 14 pH at 1.45" Insertion
Wetted Materials Kynar body, Ryton fitting, glass electrode, titanium palladium alloy and Viton
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