Programs for Our Original Equipment Manufacturing Customers


Lesman's a proprietary computer software package guarantees that your Just-In-Time schedule will be met. Its operation is based on actual lead times from our component suppliers. Once your next release enters the lead-time (plus a safety zone), quantities are locked up for your shipment only.

Volume Discounts

If you’re looking for better prices based on volume purchases, look no further. For the best possible pricing, supply us with the item, annual usages and quantities you would release per shipment. With that information, we provide you with the best prices quickly.

Custom Kitting

If we can supply multiple items that go into building of your products, why not have them put into a kit? All we need to know is how many you plan to build, and how you would like the material to arrive. We’ll have all the parts assembled into a kit to improve your production.

Our Products, Your Logo

Making your product look professional is extremely important. Building your parts business may be important to you as well. One of the ways to accomplish both objectives is to have your logo appear on the dials or faceplates of your indicators. If you need a pressure gauge or thermometer for your product, then we can supply it with your logo. In most cases, even in small quantities!

Your Parts Depot

If you buy custom products from us, we’ll be glad to operate as your Parts Depot. How does this work? If we’re supplying you with just in time deliveries, we already have some of your products in stock, ready for your next release. To act as your Parts Depot, all you have to do is place an order shipping directly to your customer, providing us with their name and address. The shipment will come from our warehouse, but all the paperwork will show your company information!

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