Programs to Save You Time and Money

Blanket Orders and Monthly Invoices

If you are a frequent user of maintenance, repair and operations material, you probably receive a large number of invoices. With our monthly invoicing program, you eliminate hours of processing time by consolidation into a single invoice. Typically this is done in conjunction with a blanket order to eliminate all of the time spent processing purchase orders.

Customized Services

Paperwork Customized with Your Part Numbers

Is it easier for you to receive material that references your internal part numbers? Give us your part numbers and we’ll create the cross reference. From then on, all Lesman paperwork will reference your internal part numbers.

Bar Coded Labels

Are you looking for vendors that can aid in your quest for improved efficiency by providing customized shipping services? Look no further. Lesman can customize labels to make the most of efficient receipt processes. All you have to do is send us the format, and we’ll take it from there.

Inventory Reduction Planning

Over the years, Lesman personnel have helped customers significantly reduce on-hand inventories. We start out with an inventory survey, finding out what you stock, how much, how many turns you get and how critical it is to the operation of your plant. Once we know this information we overlay our inventory with yours. We often discover that you stock the same items we do, in quantities you couldn’t use in years. Then, we work with you to get rid of the excess. It puts more money back into your pocket without interrupting your operations.

Vendor Reduction

One of our customers had us help them reduce their number of thermocouple suppliers. What we discovered was they were still purchasing replacement thermocouples from the original vendor of the machine. Multiply the number of different machines by all the different styles of sensors, and you quickly have 30+ vendors for a commodity group that only need a single source!

Once we got all of the vendors switched over, they not only achieved processing cost savings from the vendor reduction, they also received better pricing based on volume buying from a single source.

Evaluating Your Suppliers

It's often tough to decide which vendors support you best. Compare competitive offerings based on importance, performance, and cost of non-conformance with this Supplier Evaluation Form.

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