Jerguson Series 20 Medium Pressure Glass Liquid Level Gages

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Jergusons Series 20 glass liquid level gages are available in transparent and reflex glass for clean and dirty liquid level applications.

Jerguson's Series 20 glass liquid level gage is available in both transparent and reflex glass versions. The transparent glass style allows for dark or dirty water to be measured accurately, while the reflex glass uses glass prisms to make reading the levels easier for clear-type fluids like gasoline.

Their one-piece chamber is encased in carbon steel and shrouded to give the glass edges more protection. Gage sections are available in nine standard glass sizes. Longer models can be constructed with multiple vision slots in a continuous solid bar chamber.

  • Pressures from 300 LB ANSI to 10,000 PSI
  • Tempered Borosilicate Glass for Media to 600° F; Aluminosilicate Used for Media to 800°F
  • Recessed Gasket Seat in Chamber and Cover to Protect Glass
  • Meets ASME/ANSI/NACE Standards
  • Available Accessories: Illuminators, Non-frosting Extensions, Support Brackets and Insulation Jackets
  • Mount and protect your glass gages with Jerguson 70BL ballcheck valves or the new Jerguson 360 series safety ballcheck valve
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