Jerguson JB and JX Displacer-Operated Magnetic Level Switches

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The Jerguson JB and JX series external cage displacer operated magnetic level switches come with a tri-magnet system that creates reliable switching even in applications with severe vibration.

The Jerguson JB and JX Series external cage magnetic level switches are equipped with a 316 stainless steel or ceramic displacer suspended from a spring on a stainless steel rod. The rod and magnet are attached to a spring, which contracts and extends freely within the pressure tube. The switching mechanism is installed inside the enclosure next to the pressure tube.

Jerguson's unique "tri-magnet" switches remain reliable even under severe vibration. The use of repelling magnetic fields creates a positive interlocking switch that resists vibration and compensates for any possible installation misalignment.

  • Tri-magnet switching for reliable vibration-resistant measurement
  • Flame and weatherproof
  • Mercury free switches
  • Tested to more than 850,000 cycles without failure
  • Simple field upgrades that do not require new piping
  • Temperature range from -50° to 455°C
  • Compliant to ASME B31.1/B31.3 standards
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