IDEC TW ALW 22mm Illuminated Pushbuttons

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Assembled illuminating NEMA 4X 22mm pushbutton switches with colored LED lamps for panels, enclosures, and dashboards. Choice of extended round, extended square, or mushroom buttons with lenses in six colors. Available with one to four contacts. , 6, 12m or 24 VAC/VDC, 120 or 240 VAC full voltage or with 120, 240 or 480 VAC step-down transformers. UL Listed, CSA Certified, TUV Approved, and CE Marked.

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IDEC's TW series 22mm pushbuttons feature a chrome-plated octagonal locking ring that fastens from the front of the panel. Modular construction with snap-on contacts allows for great flexibility in configuration. Contacts are slow make, double break with a self-cleaning action.

  • TW NEMA 4X/IP65 switches with snap-on contacts
  • Momentary or maintained action
  • Single N/O or N/C, dual N/O or N/C, or combinations for a total of four contacts per button
  • Full voltage or step-down transformer illumination circuits
  • 5 mA at 3 VDC minimum switching capacity
  • Button styles include extended (round or square), 29mm or 40mm mushroom
  • LED lamps with lenses in amber, green, red, blue, white, or yellow
  • Corrosion-resistant octagonal chrome-plated locking bezel and fracture-resistant Nylon bodies

Idec TW Series Assembled LED-Illuminated Pushbuttons

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120 VAC
Step-Down Transformer
IDEC TW 22mm Momentary LED Pushbutton, Round Extended Lens
One N/O ContactALW212610D-*ALW29910D-*-24V
One N/C ContactALW212601D-*ALW29901D-*-24V
Two N/O ContactALW212620D-*ALW29920D-*-24V
Two N/C ContactsALW212602D-*ALW29902D-*-24V
One N/O, One N/C Contact ALW212611D-* ALW29911D-*-24V
Two N/O, Two N/C ContactsALW212622D-*ALW29922D-*-24V
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