Idec TW 22mm Non-Illuminated NEMA Style Pushbutton Switches

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Assembled non-illuminating 22mm pushbutton switches for panels, enclosures, and dashboards. Choice of flush, extended, mushroom, or square button styles in a variety of colors. Available with one to four contacts. UL listed, CSA, CE approved.

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A traditional NEMA style switch, Idec's TW series features a chrome-plated octagonal locking ring that fastens from the front of the panel. Modular construction with snap-on contacts allows for great flexibility in configuration. Contacts are slow make, double break with a self-cleaning action that produces a wide switching range (from 5mA to 10A).

  • TW NEMA 4X/IP65 switches with snap-on contacts
  • Single N/O or N/C, dual N/O or N/C, or combinations for a total of four contacts per button
  • 5 mA at 3 VDC minimum switching capacity
  • Fracture-resistant nylon bodies
  • Button styles includ flush, extended, mushroom, or square
  • Corrosion-resistant octagonal chrome-plated locking bezel

Idec TW Series NEMA Style 22mm Assembled Non-Illuminated Pushbuttons

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BezelButton Type Contacts Click for Price and Availability
Momentary Function Maintained Function
Full Shroud BezelFlush ButtonOne N/O + One N/C ABFW111 AOFW111
Flush Button One N/OABW110 AOW110
One N/CABW101 AOW101
One N/O + One N/CABW111 AOW111
Two N/OsABW120 AOW120
Two N/CsABW102 AOW102
Two N/O + One N/CABW121 AOW121
Two N/O + Two N/CABW122 AOW122
Extended ButtonOne N/O ABW210 AOW210
One N/CABW201 AOW201
One N/O + One N/CABW211 AOW211
Two N/OABW220 AOW220
Two N/CABW202 AOW202
Two N/O + Two N/CABW222 AOW222
40mm Diam
Mushroom Head
One N/O ABW410 AOW410
One N/CABW401 AOW401
One N/O + One N/CABW411 AOW411
Two N/OABW420 AOW420
Two N/CABW402 AOW402
One N/O + Two N/CABW412 AOW412
Two N/O + One N/CABW421 AOW421
Two N/O + Two N/CABW422 AOW422
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