Idec TW 22mm Assembled Pilot Lights

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Assembled 22mm pilot lights in full voltage and transformer models in six vibrant colors. UL Listed, CSA Certified, TUV Approved, and CE Marked. LEDs with your choice of domed or flat lenses.

All round and square lenses can be used with or without legends.

Engraving can be done on a white translucent plate placed in the lens or printed on clear mylar and placed in the lens.

Square units include a round waterproof lens that screws onto the operator. The square outer lens snaps on.

  • Available in full voltage (6, 12, 24, 120 VAC/VDC, 120 VAC, 240 VAC) and transformer type (120, 240 or 480 VAC)
  • Octagonal or square chrome-plated locking bezel
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 watertight/oiltight panel sealing
  • LED color choices: Amber, green, red, blue, white, yellow

Idec TW  Series 22mm Assembled Pilot Lights

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Lamp VoltageLED
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Flat LensDomed Lens
22mm Assembled Pilot Light. Octagonal Bezel, Round Lens with LED.
6 VAC/VDCAmber APW199D-A-6V APW299D-A-6V
GreenAPW199D-G-6V APW299D-G-6V
RedAPW199D-R-6V APW299D-R-6V
WhiteAPW199D-W-6V APW299D-W-6V
YellowAPW199D-Y-6V APW299D-Y-6V
12 VAC/VDCAmberAPW199D-A-12V APW299D-A-12V
BlueAPW199D-S-12V APW299D-S-12V
GreenAPW199D-G-12V APW299D-G-12V
RedAPW199D-R-12V APW299D-R-12V
WhiteAPW199D-W-12V APW299D-W-12V
YellowAPW199D-Y-12V APW299D-Y-12V
24 VAC/VDCAmberAPW199D-A-24V APW299D-A-24V
BlueAPW199D-S-24V APW299D-S-24V
GreenAPW199D-G-24V APW299D-G-24V
RedAPW199D-R-24V APW299D-R-24V
WhiteAPW199D-W-24V APW299D-W-24V
YellowAPW199D-Y-24V APW299D-Y-24V
120 VACAmberAPW199D-A-120V APW299D-A-120V
BlueAPW199D-S-120V APW299D-S-120V
GreenAPW199D-G-120V APW299D-G-120V
RedAPW199D-R-120V APW299D-R-120V
WhiteAPW199D-W-120V APW299D-W-120V
YellowAPW199D-Y-120V APW299D-Y-120V
22mm Assembled Pilot Light. Square Bezel and Engravable Flat Lens.
24 VAC/VDCGreenAPQW1B99D-G-24V
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