Honeywell DR4500 Truline 12" Circular Chart Recorder

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Honeywell's 12" circular chart recorder, ±0.05% full scale accuracy, prints its own graph grid, scales, timestamps, recorder ID header, pen ID marks and up to four inputs (pens) on thermal paper with one black and white stylus. Comes with digital display and keyboard, communications, control outputs, alarms and digital inputs, totalization, and math options.

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Honeywell's DR4500 Truline 12" circular chart recorder with 0.05% accuracy gives you the most complete chart documentation of your process data. It provides the the exact data you want, written on a blank thermal chart. Your desired reference grid is drawn the same time it records your trend data, so there's no need to buy different chart paper if your recording timeframe or range changes..

Multiple different-ranged chart scales are printed easily, avoiding the problems of special-order chart paper for multichannel recording. There is no skew or time offset between pens; all simultaneous pen data points are printed on the same time line. Because the grid prints with your data, you'll see zero error from chart shrinkage or swelling caused by humidity in your process environment. Alphanumeric printing for your chart's header ID includes chart tag name, start time and date, pen range and units, and rotation rate. Major time divisions are identified with an hour:minute or day:hour printout.

There's a Truline model that's suited for your specific industry: food, water and wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical, dairy, environmental testing, and metal-working. Even the FDA agrees: Truline AH, AS, and AP models comply with 3A sanitary standards for use as pasteurization flow recorder/controllers, and meet the Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk ordinance.

  • Accuracy to ±0.05% span
  • Prints from up to four inputs with a single thermal stylus
  • Prints data and timestamps on a user-configured thermal chart as it records; Can include six-character event message
  • One or two control loops: Full PID control, full range of outputs
  • Ramp-soak setpoint programming option
  • Digital communications over RS-485 Modbus RTU interface
  • Up to six Form C alarm relays
  • Optional math and Fo sterilization calculations
  • Capable of performing open channel flow calculations for flumes
  • One to four totalizers, prints total on the chart at major time divisions
  • Menu configuration with display and keyboard: no software needed
  • Kit includes recorder, mounting brackets, pack of 100 blank thermal charts, printed quick start guide, CD documentation

Common Replacement Parts for Honeywell Truline Recorders

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Replacement Part Click for Price and Availability
12" Truline Thermal Charts (100/Box) 30755317-001
Standard High-Speed Pen Assembly (Black Tip) 30756304-501
Abrasion-Resistant Pen Assembly (White Tip) 30756304-502
Chart Motor and Hub Kit 30756113-501
Chart Hub Kit 30756150-001
Chart Plate for High Speed (Standard) Pen 30754977-503
Servo Motor Assembly 30756114-501
Servo Plate Assembly with Motor 30754975-503
DR4500 Recorder Display Board 30757571-501

Looking for a replacement pen arm? Not sure which one you have?  Take a look at your recorder, to the pen arm tip closest to the stylus. If the tip is black, you need the standard pen arm (30756304-501). If the tip is white, you're using the abrasion-resistant pen arm (30756304-502).

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