Honeywell Versatilis Field Instruments Configuration Tool

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Honeywell Versatilis is replaces handheld configurators as a portable, easy-to-use platform for configuring, calibrating, monitoring, and diagnosing universal HART, Modbus, and Honeywell DE devices and for provisioning and troubleshooting of ISA100 Wireless and WirelessHART device.

Honeywell Versatilis combines portable wireless modems and downloadable software for configuration, maintenance, diagnostics and user support of field instruments and sensors detecting temperature, pressure, level and flow of gasses in industrial environments.

The modem has a toggle button to switch between the protocols with a glowing LED indicating your selection. It comes with two sets of batteries and a separate charger. Complete charge provides up to 40 hours operating time, which is good for a week. You can also use three AA off-the-shelf batteries to power the modem. An intuitive RGB pattern LED alerts you to low battery, power, and Bluetooth communications.

The application enables easy, fast, and reliable communications to various field instruments. Smart features like quick configuration, advance configuration, diagnostics, parameter search, offline configuration and many more simplify field operations and enhance safety and productivity. You can download the app/software to any Android or Windows device. You can also order an intrinsically safe tablet to suit your needs.

  • Single solution for HART, Modbus, DE and Wireless devices
  • Perform basic configuration in under 30 seconds
  • Safe and easy operation, as devices can be securely communicated with from a distance
  • 30% less time to complete tasks with a larger display than traditional handheld calibrators
  • 80% faster navigation through menus
  • Up to 60% lower cost of additional units (interfaces compared with a full handheld)
  • Intrinsically safe, certified for hazardous location use
  • Smart App for configuration and diagnostics  [ Google Play for Android Devices ]  [ Microsoft Windows Devices ]

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