Honeywell UDC2800 1/4 DIN 100-240 VAC Digital Single Loop or Limit Controller

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100-240 VAC-powered 1/4 DIN sized digital single loop or limit controller, two universal inputs for thermocouples, RTDs, linear current and voltage, SPDT alarm relays, two digital inputs, four digital outputs. Math algorithm and Accutune III tuning. Bluetooth configuration interface, Ethernet 10/100M Base-T TCP/IP or Modbus RTU communications. Advanced digital display and six-pushbutton front-panel interface. Now available with Ethernet and Modbus communications.

Looking for the 24 VAC/DC-powered model? See Honeywell UDC2900 1/4 DIN 24 VAC/DC Digital Single Loop or Limit Controller

Popular loop and limit controller models available from Lesman stock.

Honeywell has retired their UDC2500 and UDC3200 1/4 DIN controllers. To find a suitable replacement, see the model number crossover chart for help.


Honeywell's UDC2800 1/4 DIN sized digital controller monitors and manages temperature and other variables in furnaces, ovens, boilers, heaters, environmental chambers, cookers, dryers, and freezers. It provides the power of the UDC2500 or UDC3200 with enhanced visibility, more accurate control, and a lower cost of ownership.

  • Two analog inputs for thermocouple, RTD, mA, mV, or voltage
  • Accuracy ±0.15% full scale input
  • Up to four output types: Alarm relay, current output, electromechanical relay, open collector transistor output
  • Two isolated digital inputs for remote dry contact closure for a variety of control actions including ramp/soak programming, manual control, PID control, local setpoints
  • Math functions for feedforward summer, weighted average, feedforward multiplier, summer/subtractor, multiplier/divider, and input high/low select
  • 28 VDC transmitter power output when ordered with open collector output
  • PID-A, PID-B, On/Off, PD with manual reset, plus three control modes: manual, auto with local setpoint, and auto with remote setpoint
  • RS-485 Modbus RTU or 10/100M Base-T Ethernet (TCP/IP) communication with auxiliary output/digital input
  • Advanced operator interface shows alarm, control mode, temperature units, remote setpoint, control relay status, and setpoint program Run/Hold mode, diagnostics, and barchart of PV, SP, and OUT on screen
  • Bluetooth configuration on mobile device with Honeywell EasySet saves up to 80% time in configuration duplication and deployment, up to 45% cost reduction in communications
  • 1/4 DIN NEMA 4X enclosure and IP66 front face protection
  • CE, UL, CSA approvals available
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Cutout Size 1/4 DIN

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