Honeywell UDA2182 Dual Input Analyzer/Controller for Liquids

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Full DIN size single or dual input analyzer/controller for combination of pH, ORP, contacting conductivity or dissolved oxygen. Up to three analog outputs, up to four alarm relays, RS-485 Modbus and Ethernet web server communications. CE, CSA, FM, UL approvals.

Honeywell's UDA2182 series is a versatile dual-input analyzer that measures pH/ORP, contacting conductivity, and dissolved oxygen in demanding applications in the power generation water quality control, wastewater treatment influent and effluent, pure water preparation and neutralization for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

The UDA2182 accepts inputs from Honeywell Durafet and Meredian pH and ORP electrodes plus the HPW7000 high purity water system, Honeywell's contacting conductivity cells, and the Honeywell dissolved oxygen equilibrium probe for ppm or ppb measurement. Its mix-and-match design means you can stock fewer devices for your applications, and easily field-modify when your applications change.

  • Single or dual input analyzer for liquid processes 
  • Mix and match process measurements in one analyzer: pH, ORP, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen
  • PID, duplex and on/off control with Honeywell AccuTune II autotuning and fuzzy logic overshoot suppression
  • Two analog outputs standard (plus one optional), up to four electromechanical high/low alarm relays
  • Graphic LED displays two process variables, process temperature of both PVs, analog output full scale percentage, state of relays, tagging, time or date information plus status messages
  • Ethernet and RS-485 Modbus communications available
  • Wireless infrared port for setup using Honeywell Process Instrument Explorer software
  • Direct replacement for retired Honeywell (L&N) 7082, Honeywell 9782P/C and Honeywell 7021/7022 process analyzer models
  • Type 4X/NEMA 4 full DIN enclosure with panel, wall, or pipe mounting
  • CE, CSA, FM approvals, UL listing

Model Selection Guide

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Description Catalog
UDA2182 Multifunction Analyzer:
Two 4-20 mA outputs, two alarm relays, panel mount hardware, and IrDA port
UDA2182 -
Channel 1 Input pH/ORP
pH from Preamp
Dissolved Oxygen ppm
Dissolved Oxygen ppb
PH1 -
Channel 2 Input None
pH for Preamp
Dissolved Oxygen ppm
Dissolved Oxygen ppb
NN2 -
Outputs and Relays None
+(1) 0/4-20 mA Output + 2 Relays
NN -
Communications None
Serial Input: Ethernet/Modbus
N -
E -
Mounting Hardware None (Panel Mount Only)
Pipe and Wall Mount
0 _ _ _
P _ _ _
Manual Printed Instruction Manual _ E _ _
Certificates None
Calibration and Conformance
_ _ 0 _
_ _ C _
PID Control None
Yes (See Note)
_ _ _ 0
_ _ _ C
Accessories Process Instrument Explorer Software   50001619-001  
Actisys Serial to Infrared Adapter for PCs ACT-IR220L+
Bezel Assembly 51453518-502
Input Card: pH/ORP Measurment 51453313-501
Input Card: pH from Preamp 50009551-501
Input Card: Contacting Conductivity 51453316-501

Includes Auto Clean/Cal, USP26 Pure Water Functionality and pH Level/CO2
Concentration from Differential Conductivity

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