Honeywell SmartLine STT850 Smart Temperature Transmitter

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Smart temperature transmitter, single or dual universal input, 4-20 mA and HART or Honeywell DE protocols, or Foundation Fieldbus. 125 mSec update time, digial accuracy to ±0.10° C (Pt100Ω). Replaces the retired Honeywell STT350 temperature transmitter.

Honeywell SmartLine STT850 temperature transmitters deliver high accuracy and stability across a wide ambient temperature range. Built on the SmartLine modular platform, they include polarity insensitive wiring connections and built-in diagnostics for low total cost of ownership and easy maintenance.

  • Single or dual universal input for RTDs, thermocouples, mV, and Ohms
  • Digital accuracy up to 0.1°C for RTD
  • 125 mSec update time for single inputs, 250 mSec update for dual inputs
  • Stability up to ±0.01% upper range limit per year for 10 years
  • Advanced graphics LCD display: Up to 8 display screens, two line x 16 character, displays up to six data points, and can rotate 0°, 90°, 180°, or 270° position for optimal visibility
  • Integral three-button configuration for zero, span, and other options
  • For HART configuration, use handheld HART communicator, Field Device Manager (FDM), or Pactware with a HART modem. For DE configuration, use Honeywell SCT3000 software. For Foundation Fieldbus, use FDM
  • Dual input for differential, averaging, redundant, or split range measurement
  • Built-in galvanic isolation and sensor break protection
  • Comprehensive on-board diagnostics for transmitter and sensors
  • 4-20 mA DC analog output, HART 7 and digital output, Honeywell DE, and Foundation Fieldbus models
  • Alarms for PV high, PV low, critical diagnostics, redundant input, PV rate of change, PV deviation
  • Dual compartment housing
  • Full compliance to SIL 2/3 requirements
  • FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx approvals
Retired Honeywell STT350 smart temperature transmitterRetired Honeywell STT350 smart temperature transmitter
Replaces the retired Honeywell STT350 temperature transmitter

Model Selection Guide

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DescriptionCatalog NumberAvailability
Temperature Transmitter, Universal Input, Factory Standard ConfigurationSTT850
InputsSingle Temperature InputS-
Dual Temperature InputsT-e
Digital OutputNo Digital Output0-
With Digital Output1-a
FM ApprovedA-e
CSA ApprovedB-
ATEX ApprovedC-
IECEx ApprovedD-
Electronic HousingAluminum Housing, 1/2" NPT ConnectionA _ _ -
Aluminum Housing, 1/2" NPT Connection, Lightning ProtectionC _ _-
316 Stainless Steel Housing, 1/2" NPT ConnectionE _ _ -
316 Stainless Steel Housing, 1/2" NPT Connection, Lightning ProtectionG _ _ -
Output4-20 mA DC Analog Output, HART Protocol_ H _ -
4-20 mA DC Analog Output, Honeywell DE Protocol_ D _ -
Foundation Fieldbus Digital Protocol_ F _-
InterfaceNo Indicator, No Configuration Buttons_ _ 0-
No Indicator, Zero/Span Configuration Buttons_ _ A-f
Basic Digital Indicator, No Configuration Buttons_ _B-
Basic Digital Indicator, Configuration Button Interface_ _ C-
Advanced Digital Indicator, No Configuration Button Interface_ _ D-
Advanced Digital Indicator, Configuration Button Interface_ _ E-
DiagnosticsStandard Diagnostics1 _ _-
Advanced Diagnostics: Rate of Change and Deviation Alarm2 _ _-c
ConfigurationNo Write Protection, Fail High, Standard High/Low Output Limits_ 1S-f
No Write Protection, Fail Low, Standard High/Low Output Limits_ 2S-f
Write Protection, Fail High, Standard High/Low Output Limits_ 3S-f
Write Protection, Fail Low, Standard High/Low Output Limits_ 4S-f
Write Protection, Fieldbus High/Low Output Limits_ 5S-g
No Write Protection, Fieldbus High/Low Output Limits_ 6S-g
CalibrationFactory Standard Single CalibrationA-
Custom Single Calibration (Unit Data Required)B-
Mounting BracketNone0 _ _ _-
Carbon Steel Flat Pipe Mounting Bracket1 _ _ _-
Carbon Steel Angle Pipe Mounting Bracket2 _ _ _-
Carbon Steel Wall Mounting Bracket5 _ _ _-
316 SS Flat Pipe Mounting Bracket3 _ _ _-
316 SS Angle Pipe Mounting Bracket4 _ _ _-
316 SS Wall Mounting Bracket6 _ _ _-
TagNone_ 0 _ _-
Wired Stainless Steel Tag (Up to 4 Lines, 26 Char Ea.)_ 1 _ _-
Conduit Plugs and ConnectorsNone_ _ A0-
1/2" NPTM to 3/4" NPTF 316 SS Certified Conduit Adapter_ _ A2-
1/2" NPT 316 SS Certified Conduit Plug_ _ A6-
1/2" NPT Minifast® 4-Pin (Not for Explosion-Proof Use)_ _ A8-
Calibration Test Report, Certificate of ComplianceF1-
Certificate of OriginF5-
SIL 2/3 CertificationFE-j

  a   Available only on single input models.
  c   Not available with Honeywell DE protocol.
  e   Not available with digital output.
  f   Not available with Foundation Fieldbus.
  g   Available only on Foundation Fieldbus models.
  j   Available only with HART communications and write protection enabled.

More Information
SIL-Rated Yes

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