Honeywell SmartLine STT650 DIN Rail Smart Temperature Transmitter

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DIN rail mountable temperature transmitter, analog, HART, Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus output, RTD or universal temperature input.

Honeywell STT650 is a DIN rail mountable temperature transmitter that offers high measurement accuracy, stability, and reliability over a wide range of process and ambient temperatures.

  • RTD, Ohm, thermocouple, or mV inputs, depending on model
  • Single or dual channel
  • Choice of analog 4-20 mA with HART, Foundation Fieldbus, or Profibus PA outputs
  • Measurement stability 0.12% of span for two years
  • Fast response, up to 135 mSec update
  • NAMUR NE43 sensor error response
  • Requires 8-30/35 VDC supply voltage
  • Programmable damping, 0.33 to 60 seconds
  • Optional FM/CSA/ATEX/IECEx approval for use in Zone 0
  • HART model can be programmed using PactWare (DTM available) or HART handheld communicator
  • Hardware assessed by EXIDA for use in SIL applications

Model Selection Guide

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DescriptionCatalog NumberAvailability
DIN Rail Mount Temperature TransmitterSTT650-
ChannelsOne, RTD InputS1-0-
One, Universal InputS2-0-
Dual, RTD InputT1-0-
Dual, Universal InputT2-0-
Transmitter ElectronicsPlastic Housing, RTD Input, No Galvanic IsolationA _ _ -h
Plastic Housing, Universal Input, Galvanic IsolationC _ _ -i
Output/Protocol4-20 mA DC, HART 7 Protocol_ H0-a
Foundation Fieldbus_ F0-a
Profibus PA_ P0-a
ConfigurationStandard Diagnostics, Fail High, Std Hi/Lo Output Limits13S-f
Standard Diagnostics, No Fail Mode, Fieldbus/Profibus16S-g
CalibrationFactory Standard Range, Single CalibrationA-
Custom Range (Units Required), 3-Point Single CalibrationB-k
Custom Range (Units Required), 5-Point Single CalibrationC-k
SIL Hardware Assessment Document, EXIDAFE-0000j

a   Available only with universal inputs
f   Requires 4-20 mA output option
g   Not available with 4-20 mA output option
j   Available only with HART models
k   Requires custom unit data. Include with order

More Information
SIL-Rated Yes

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