Honeywell Searchzone Sonik Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector

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The Honeywell Searchzone Sonik ultrasonic gas leak detector will ‘hear’ the sound of pressurized gas escaping and is unaffected by wind speed or direction.

The Honeywell Searchzone Sonik™ is an ultrasonic gas leak detector that responds to the distinct sound pattern of a high-pressure leak. Because the gas does not have to come in contact with the sensor for the leak to be detected, Sonik is not affected by airflows and adverse weather conditions.

The Sonik features a sealed solid state sensor that doesn't need calibration, can withstand harsh environments, and can be mounted in a variety of positions. Sonik's Bluetooth interface lets you configure, interrogate, and maintain the detector from ground level using an Android-based hand-held communicator running an app, without having to physically access the detector.

  • 65 ft (20m) of coverage, dependent on background noise
  • SIL2 and EN61508 certified
  • Field of Coverage: ± 90° solid angle from on axis to 6dB down
  • Operating Temperature: -76° F to 167° F
  • Digital Communications: Modbus RTU RS485, HART®, and Bluetooth
  • Cable Entries: 2 x M25 or 2 x 3/4 NPT
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