Honeywell RM7885A1015 Manual Start On/Off Primary Control

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Honeywell's RM7885A1015 is an on/off primary control with 10-second pilot flame establishing period, intermittent main flame establishing period, intermittent pilot type.

Honeywell's RM7885 is an integrated burner control for semi-automatically fired gas, oil or combination fuel single burner industrial applications.

  • Functions include flame supervision, system status indication, system or self-diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Five LEDs provide sequence information
  • Operates with the following: Torch-ignited main burner or torch-ignited pilot using S445A Start-Stop Station, or conventional knee or foot operated station
  • Terminal provided for external alarm to sound on flame failure
  • Adaptable to continuous firing, high-low or modulating firing rate for semi-automatic burner sequencing
  • Direct-ignition oil burner or electrically ignited pilot, using S445A Start-Stop Station

Model Selection Guide

A complete flame safeguard system consists of a relay module, subbase, flame detector, and flame amplifier. Add functionality with a keyboard display module (KDM), communication and display modules, first-out expanded annunciator, and combustion system manager software.

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Flame Establishing Period Pilot Type Special Features Catalog Number
Pilot Main Flame
10 Second Intermittent Intermittent On/Off Primary Control RM7885A1015
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