Honeywell Maxon SMARTLINK® Meter Digital Self-Checking Thermal Mass Flowmeter

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Honeywell Maxon SMARTLINK Meter is a highly accurate and repeatable mass flow meter well suited for monitoring fuel and air.

Honeywell Maxon's SMARTLINK® Meter is a highly accurate and repeatable mass flowmeter for monitoring fuel and air. The meter uses a constant temperature differential technique with two matched, platinum RTDs in a rugged, stainless probe assembly. One RTD measures fluid temperature; an intelligent bridge circuit heats the second RTD element, maintaining a constant temperature differential above the temperature of the process fluid.

Based on the amount of power delivered to the heated element, the on-board microprocessor establishes a precise mass flow rate. The highly integrated sensor probe and electronic design permits fully automated factory calibration, providing every manufactured unit with out-of-the-box measurement accuracy.

  • Measure Gas Flow up to 75,000 SCFH
  • Measure Air Flow up to 1,500,000 SCFH (25,000 SCFM)
  • Displays instantaneous standard rate and totalized flow without calculations
  • Advanced temperature compensation extends accuracy over wider ranges of fluid temperatures
  • Redundant meter functions provide on-line self-checking to ensure safe operation and fail-safe alarm output
  • Monitors, displays, and outputs air/fuel ratio when two meters are electrically “linked” to each other
  • In-line flow body uses conditioning screens to reduce straight-run pipe requirements and eliminate installation problems
  • Large, convenient local display for ease of use. No PC or other interface necessary for configuration and operation
  • Fail-safe alarm, limit and analog outputs for easy integration into PLC or DCS systems
  • FM approved for Hazardous Locations, Class 1, Div 2 Groups A-D and Class 1, Zone 2, Group IIC
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