Honeywell L404 Pressuretrol® Pressure Limiting Controllers

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Honeywell L404F Pressuretrol controllers provide operating control, automatic or manual reset limit protection for pressure systems up to 300 PSI.

Honeywell's L404F Pressuretrol is an operating control with automatic limit protection for pressure systems up to 300 PSI. You can use it with steam, air, noncombustible gases, or fluids that are not corrosive to the pressure sensing element.

All Pressuretrol models feature automatic reset with adjustable differentials.

  • For use with steam, air, non-combustible gases, or fluids non-corrosive to sensing elements
  • SPDT snap action switches to open or close a circuit on pressure rise
  • 120 VAC switch rating: 8.0 AFL, 48.0 ALR, 10.0 Amp resistive
  • Adjustments are made by screws on top of the case
  • Clear plastic cover on the case make setpoints easy to see
  • Mount using 1/4"-18 NPT internal pipe threads, or surface mount through the base of the case

Model Selection Guide

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Operating Pressure RangeMax Sustained PressureAdjustable DifferentialSensor ElementIncludesCatalog Number
2 to 25 PSI25 PSI2 to 6 PSISS DiaphragmSiphon LoopL404F1060
5 to 50 PSI85 PSI6 to 14 PSISS DiaphragmGround ScrewL404F1375
10 to 150 PSI225 PSI10 to 22 PSISS Diaphragm L404F1102
20 to 300 PSI350 PSI20 to 50 PSIPhosphor-Bronze Bellows L404F1094
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