Honeywell HA71 16-Channel Gas Detection Controller and Alarm System

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The HA71 has both display and alarm functions that run simultaneously and monitor up to 16 points of gas detection.

Honeywell Analytics' HA71 simultaneously displays data and alarm functions for up to 16 input variables, with three adjustable alarm levels per input channel.

A graphic LCD displays monitored data as trends, bar graphs and engineering units. Relay outputs allow control of beacons, horns and other alarm events. A horn relay may be set for steady or pulsing operation.

Analog inputs may be accepted and conditioned via sensor specific analog input cards. The standard Modbus Master port allows input data to be retrieved from Modbus slave devices including many Honeywell Analytics transmitters.

  • Accepts up to 16 inputs from numerous sensor types
  • Inputs may be analog or Modbus allowing data retrieval via RS-485 – reducing wiring costs at installation
  • 8 channel display mode and option boards allow economical configuration of systems requiring only 8 channels or less
  • Cal Mode offers pushbutton zero/span calibration for direct sensor interface applications
  • Authorization Mode locks critical configuration variables
  • Standard A SPDT common alarm relays for HORN, HIGH, WARN and FAULT
  • Dual Modbus RS-485 serial ports and optional phone modem
  • HMI Software monitors up to ten HA-71 controllers simultaneously
  • Accepts up to 16 inputs from numerous sensor types
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