Honeywell FSL100 Flame Detectors for Fire Safety

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The Honeywell FSL100 flame detectors are suitable for many safety applications and can detect a range of different fires including hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon.

Honeywell FSL100 flame detectors can detect a range of fires from both hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon sources. Their durable design makes them suitable for tough indoor and outdoor environments as well as potentially explosive atmospheres. They provide good resistance against the influences of direct and reflected sunlight as well as artificial light, like fluorescent tubes and glass-covered halogen lamps, arcs and electric discharges, and radiation from electric welding (at distances >10 feet from the flame detector.

Use the FLS100-UV in fume hoods and hydrogen storage areas, for materials that burn with low temperatures (e.g., sulphur), for fires from heavy hydrocarbons (wood, paper, and petroleum), light hydrocarbons (methanol, methane), and hydrogen.  It is recommended for use in cold storage, fume hoods, heating rooms for chemicals, indoor hydrogen storage and processing, and radio amplifier rooms.

With its dual-sensing methodology, the FLS100-UV/IR detects both hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires. It can also provide flame flicker-frequency for improved false alarm rejection. This model is suggested for clean rooms, data communications, electric power transformers, engine test cells, gas cabines and gas engine rooms, indoor chemical, fuel, and solvent storage, labs, machinery monitoring, indoor and outdoor hydrogen storage and processing, and more

The FLS100-IR3 is particularly suited to liquid hydrocarbon and dirty fires. By design, it is less affected by window contamination or smoke, and is especially designed for fires that emit large amounts of smoke. These include parking structures and public transit, diesel engine rooms, loading and unloading of terminals, pumping stations, and recylcling or waste processing plants.

  • Range: UV and UV/IR: 80 ft; IR3: 100ft (30m)
  • 4-20 mA output and relay
  • Four local LEDs for operational status at a glance
  • Comprehensive automatic self-testing and remote manual self-test operation
  • Red or white glass-reinforced polyester enclosure, IP65 rated
  • FM Class 1, 2, and 3, Div 2
  • Approved to EN54-10 and FM3260 flame detector standards


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