Honeywell DR4300 10" Circular Chart Recorder

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Honeywell 10" circular chart recorder, available with one or two pens, and with or without digital display.

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Notice: Honeywell is no longer manufacturing DR4300 recorders. Lesman will continue to sell them only until our inventory is depleted.

See Honeywell DR4500 Classic 12" circular chart recorders for suitable replacements.

The Honeywell DR4300 10" circular chart recorder answers the need for basic function, low-priced data acquisition. It is ideally suited for applications handled by low-cost analog recorders with accuracies not exceeding ±0.5%, and can be used for most high-performance applications requiring accuracy not exceeding ±0.25%. Both standard and LED models use 10" charts and are available with one pen or two.

  • Accuracy ±0.35% or ±0.1% span, depending on model
  • Up to two inputs
  • Fully user-configurable, no jumpers or rotary switches
  • Universal power supply
  • Output types: SPDT, solid state relay, open collector outputs, and alarms
  • Optional digital inputs with control or alarm options for switching control modes from a remote contact closure


Common Replacement Parts for Honeywell DR4300 Circular Chart Recorders

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10" Circular Charts, 24HR Rotation (100/Box)  24001660-***
10" Circular Charts, 7D Rotation (100/Box)  24001661-***
No 1. Purple Pen Cartridge (6/Pack)30735489-007
No 2. Red Pen Cartridge (6/Pack)30735489-002
Pen Arms (Pen 1 and Pen 2, As Needed)30756409-002
Chart Hub Kit30756150-001
Chart Motor and Hub Kit30756113-501
Servo Plate Assembly, 1-Pen Recorder30755833-501
Servo Plate Assembly, 2-Pen Recorder30755833-502

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