Honeywell DCP300 Digital Controller Programmers

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Single or dual channel digital controller/programmer, universal input, 0.1% accuracy, 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 49 or 99 programs per channel, 99 segments each.

Honeywell (Azbil) DCP300 has been retired. Some units are available for sale from stock. Once the inventory is depleted, the DCP300 will no longer be available for sale.

The DCP301 and DCP302 are no longer available from Honeywell. Lesman provides the exact functional models from Azbil (formerly Yamatake).

The Honeywell DCP301 is a single-channel programmer, and DCP302 is a dual-channel version with two inputs and two control loops. Universal inputs on both models accept thermocouples, RTDS, DC voltage and current signals. The DCP302 can also be configured for temperature and rH calculation.

  • 19 programs, 30 segments per program (570 segments total)
  • Up to 12 digital inputs, 3 events, 5 time events
  • Three event outputs for PV, deviation, controller mode
  • 12 external switch inputs for remote selection of program numbers or operation
  • RS485 ASCII network communications option
  • ±0.1% accuracy on Input 1, ±0.2% accuracy on Input 2
  • Smart Loader software package lets you make program and parameter settings from a PC
  • Now available through Lesman from Azbil (Yamatake Group)
  • Standard models available for quick shipment from factory stock

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626

DescriptionRetired Honeywell ModelAzbil Model
from Factory Stock
One Input Channel, 1 Relay Output, 1 Aux Output, 12 Digital IN, 3 Events, 5 Time Events, RS-485 CommunicationsP301-0D-0-ES-01-1-00 P31A0D0AS01200
One Input Channel, Position Proportional Output, 1 Aux Output, 12 Digital IN, 3 Events, 5 Time Events, RS-485 CommunicationsP301-2G-0-ES-01-1-00P31A2G0AS01200
One Input Channel, Heat/Cool Relay Output, 4 Digital Input, 3 EventsP301-3D-0-ES-00-0-00P31A3D0AS00000
One Input Channel, 4-20 mA Current Output, 2 Aux Output, 12 Digital IN, 3 Events, 5 Time Events, RS-485 CommunicationsP301-5G-0-ES-02-1-00P31A5G0AS02200
One Input Channel, Heat/Cool Current Output, 1 Aux Output, 12 Digital IN, 3 Events, 5 Time EventsP301-5K-0-ES-01-1-00P31A5K0AS01100
Two Input Channels, Two 4-20 mA Current Outputs, 1 Aux Output, 12 Digital IN, 3 Events, 5 Time EventsP302-5G-1-ES-01-1-00P32A5G1AS01100

How do the Honeywell and Azbil model numbers compare? They are almost identical, but Azbil offers an RS-485 communications option on their 1/4 DIN programmers. Here's a full breakdown of the model selection guide.

Current Azbil
Model Number
Single Channel Digital Controller/Programmer P301P31A
Dual Channel Digital Controller Programmer  P302P32A
Channel 1
See Note a.
5 Amp Relay0D0D
Position Proportional2G2G
4-20 mA Current5G5G
Heat Relay/Cool Relay3D3D
Heat Current/Cool Current5K5K
InputsOne Input Channel 00
Two Input Channels 11
Power90-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz UniversalESAS
Option 1None0000
1 Auxiliary Output0101
2 Auxiliary Outputs0202
Option 24 Digital IN + 3 Events (Standard)0-000-00
12 Digital IN + 3 Events + 5 Time Events1-002-00
12 Digital IN + 3 Events + 5 Time Events, RS-485 Communications 2-00
AccessoriesSmartLoader Software Package for P31A/P32A Controller/Programmers, Includes CableSLP-P30J50

Note a: On two-input channel models, the output for Channel 2 is 4-20 mA current.

More Information
Cutout Size 1/4 DIN
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