Honeywell C6097 Diaphragm-Actuated Safety Limit Pressure Switches

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Honeywell C6097 pressure switches are safety devices for positive-pressure or differential-pressure systems to sense natural gas, liquid propane (LP) gas, or air pressures.

See model selection chart below.

Cut costs and improve reliability with Honeywell C6097 gas and air pressure limiting switches. Their compact design and easy connections reduce the need for conventional piping and threading operations. C6097 series switches can help reduce your inventory, because they can be used with older, stand-alone component valves as well as newer valves.

These safety limit pressure switches can be used in positive- or differential-pressure systems to sense natural gas, liquid propane (LP) gas, or air. C6097A switches break the circuit on pressure fall. C6097B switches break on pressure rise. Models are available with either manual or automatic reset.

  • Diaphragm-actuated safety limit switches
  • Available ranges: 0.4" to 5" WC, 3" to 21" WC, 12" to 60" WC or 1.5 to 7 PSI
  • Switch ratings: 3.0 AFL, 18.0 ALR, 5.0 Amps resistive; Switch can be wired to turn on alarms
  • Operating temperature range: -40° to 140°F
  • IP54 enclosure with removable transparent cover protects scale plate and adjusting knob, 1/4" NPT mount
  • UL listed, CSA listed, FM approved, IRI acceptable

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626

Switch OperationBreak ActionOperating RangeCatalog NumberKromschroder Equivalent
Auto ResetOn Pressure Fall (Normally Open)0.4-4" WC C6097A3004KS84447812
1-20" WCC6097A3053 KS84447822
12-60" WCC6097A3079 KS84447832
40-200" WCC6097A3137 KS84447842
On Pressure Rise (Normally Closed)1-20" WCC6097B3119 KS84447822
12-60" WCC6097B3085KS84447832
40-200" WCC6097B3101 KS84447842
Manual ResetOn Pressure Fall (Normally Open)0.4-4" WCC6097A3095 KS84447962
1-20" WCC6097A3012KS84447972
12-60" WCC6097A3038KS84447982
40-200" WCC6097A3111KS84447992
On Pressure Rise (Normally Closed)1-20" WC C6097B3028KS84447922
12-60" WCC6097B3002KS84447932
40-200" WCC6097B3051KS84447942
More Information
Measured Variable Gauge Pressure
Enclosure/Construction IP54
Switch Output SPDT
Sensor Type Diaphragm
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