Honeywell Analytics 301C Three-Zone Digital Controller

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The 301C controller continuously monitors and controls toxic gases, combustible gases and oxygen hazards.

Honeywell's Vulcain 301C continuously monitors and controls toxic gases, combustible gases, and oxygen hazards. It uses an addressable RS-485 Modbus communication protocol and daisy chain wiring so it only takes two pairs of wires to connect up to 96 transmitters on the three input channels.

The 301C controller offers unique zoning capabilities that permit the averaging and comparison of multiple sensor readings. Zoning can reduce operational costs by ensuring that localized brief fluctuations registered at a single transmitter do not accidentally activate relays.

  • Power requirement: 17-27 VAC, 24-38 VDC, 500 mA
  • Manages up to 768 events with programmable latching alarms
  • Allows for up to 126 zoning groups
  • Programmable time delays
  • Modbus compatible, BACnet/IP also available
  • Interchangeable transmitters to detect different gases

Model Selection Guide

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Description Catalog Number
301C Three-Zone Controller for Gas Detection, Plastic Enclosure
301C, RS-485 Modbus Output 301-C
301C, RS-485 Modbus Output, Datalogging 301-C-DLC
Relay Output Module, 8 Relays 301-R8
Alarm Annunciator Panel 301-AP
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