Honeywell 5000TC Toroidal Conductivity Sensors

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Measure conductivity, chemical concentration, or salinity in applications where coating, fouling, corrosion, or high pressures or temperatures are a concern. Measure conductivity of solutions from 0.2 to 2000 millisiemens/cm. For use with Honeywell UDA2182 analyzer.

Honeywell 5000TC toroidal conductivity sensors are designed to minimize chemical compatibility issues and increase cell reliability. Their corrosion and fouling-resistant cells are available in either convertible or sanitary forms, with a variety of mounting assemblies to ensure compatibility for applications in the chemical, food and dairy, refinery, pulp and paper, metal finishing and wastewater industries.

They come with a 1.5" diameter bore that minimizes rough surfaces and flow impedance, and include a Pt1000 RTD for temperature compensation. The 3A-approved form includes clean-in-place fittings for use in sanitary applications.

  • Measuring range 0.2 to 2000 milliSiemens/cm
  • Standard 1.5" diameter bore with 0.4" hole
  • Available in PEEK, PFA Teflon, PVDF, and Polypropylene
  • For operating temperatures to 257°F and pressures to 200 PSI (material-dependent)
  • Temperature compensation with Pt1000Ω RTD
  • For direct fastening to a pipe, immersion mounting, union-mounting in a standard 2" pipe tee, or insertion-mounted in a 2" ball valve assembly
  • Sanitary version mounts to 2" sanitary clamp-type ferrule or butt-weld tee
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3A Sanitary Yes
Measuring Range 0.2 to 2000 mS/cm
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