Dwyer Minihelic II 2-5000 Series Differential Pressure Gauge

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2" dial differential pressure gauges, ±5% full scale accuracy, barbed connections for 3/16" tubing, glass-filled nylon case with polycarbonate lens, aluminum dial.  Ranges 0" to 100" water column standard. Working/static/applied pressures to 30 PSIG.

Dwyer Minihelic II gauges are designed for room positive pressure sensing, local indication on filter status, face velocity on fume hoods, duct pressures, cabinet air-purging, air samplers, electronic air cooling systems, laminar flow hoods, and medical respiratory equipment.

They feature clean design, small size, and sufficient accuracy for most standard applications. With a housing molded from mineral- and glass-filled Nylon and a molded polycarbonate lens, the Minihelic II can withstand rough use and exposure without breaking the budget.

  • Air and compatible gases
  • For total pressures to 30 PSIG: Over-pressure is managed by a blow-out membrane molded with the diaphragm
  • Accuracy: ±5% full scale
  • Barbed pressure connection for 3/16" tubing standard, 1/8" NPTM optional
  • Available in PSI, inches or millimeters water column, Pascals and kiloPascals

Model Selection Guide

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Inches W.C.
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Series 2-5000 Minihelic differential pressure gage

More Information
Dial Size 2 Inch
Process Connection Barbed for Tubing
Case Material Plastic
Liquid Filled No
Accuracy 5% full scale
Dial Material Aluminum
Measuring Range 0" to 100" WC, 0-5 PSI
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