Dwyer DM-2000 Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter

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Digital differential pressure gauge with 4-20 mA output for air and non-combustible gases. Glass-filled plastic molded housing. Digital pushbutton zero and span. 3.5-digit LCD displays process value and engineering unit.

  • Typical applications include filter monitoring, fan pressure indication, static pressures in ducts or buildings
  • Fits the same diameter cutout of a Dwyer Magnehelic differential pressure gauge; Simplifies field upgrade to digital pressure gage by reducing install steps
  • Use bi-direction ranges to measure fluctuating building pressure
  • Single push-button allows field selection of 4 to 6 engineering units, depending on range.
  • Digital push-button zero and span
  • 3.5-digit LCD, 0.7" height, shows process value and engineering units
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Measuring Range 0 to 0.25" WC to 0 to 5" WC

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