Dwyer 616KD DIN-Rail Mountable Differential Pressure Transmitter

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NEMA 1 enclosure DIN-rail mountable differential pressure transmitter with pushbutton zero/span calibration. For air and non-combustible gases. Pressure ranges from 0" to 40" WC, 0 to 5000 Pa, 0" to ±10" WC, 0 to ±1250 Pa. 4-20 mA or field-selectable voltage output. CE, UL approvals.

Dwyer 616KD differential pressure transmitters are the choice for simple operation in air handlers, duct pressure, variable air volume, and filter monitoring applications.

With a single digital push button, both Zero and Span are calibrated properly, nothing else is required. No additional reference pressure sources or separate calibration devices are necessary making them a great transmitter for installers and maintenance professionals.

  • Cost effective and compact for OEM applications where space, simplicity, and value are key
  • For air and non-combustible gases compatible with wetted materials
  • Pressure ranges from 0 to 40" WC, 0" to ±10" WC
  • 4-20 mA or voltage output (field-selectable 0-10, 0-5, 2-10, or 1-5 VDC)
  • 2% full scale accuracy standard
  • Simple one-touch digital calibration push-button sets back zero and span, saving time installing and over the service life
  • Easy to install on 35mm DIN rail via integral side or back DIN rail clips
  • Barbed process connections, dual size, to fit 1/8" and 3/8" ID rubber or vinyl tubing
  • Screw-type terminal block electrical connections. Optional terminal cover available
  • Optional 1/8" NPT process connection allows for use with metal barbed fittings or compression fittings for use with metal tubing
  • Call for price and availability of Pa ranges and models with 0.25% or 1.0% full scale accuracy
  • CE, UL approvals

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application. Need a Pa range or NIST certificate? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626.

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RangePressure Limits4-20 OutputVoltage Output
0" to 1" WC2 PSIG616KD-00616KD-00-V
0" to 2" WC2 PSIG616KD-01616KD-01-V
0" to 3" WC2 PSIG616KD-02616KD-02-V
0" to 5" WC2 PSIG616KD-03616KD-03-V
0" to 10" WC5 PSIG616KD-04616KD-04-V
0" to 15" WC5 PSIG616KD-05616KD-05-V
0" to 20" WC5 PSIG616KD-06616KD-06-V
0" to 25" WC5 PSIG616KD-07616KD-07-V
0" to 40" WC5 PSIG616KD-08616KD-08-V
0" to ±1" WC2 PSIG616KD-50616KD-50-V
0" to ±2" WC2 PSIG616KD-51616KD-51-V
0" to ±5" WC2 PSIG616KD-52616KD-52-V
0" to ±10" WC5 PSIG616KD-53616KD-53-V
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Measuring Range 0" to 40" WC, 0 to 5000 Pa, 0" to ±10" WC, 0 to ±1250 Pa
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