Dwyer 1831 DPDT Low Differential Pressure Switch with Manual Reset

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Compact differential pressure switch with screw-type setpoint adjustment. DPDT switch output, manual reset. 4% setpoint repeatability, no power required. Silicone diaphragm sensor. Designed for monitoring air and non-combustible gases in high duct static cutout installations and HVAC applications.

Dwyer's 1831 DPDT low differential pressure switches with manual reset eliminate common problems associated with typical high duct static cutout installations.

Using an 1831 reduces both material and labor installation costs. Because the 1831 doesn't require power to drive its outputs, there's no need for a separate power loop or its associated additional wiring and conduit. And unlike typical switches that use a single conduit entry for both control loops, the Dwyer 1831 comes with two conduit connections for simplified wiring while eliminating additional conduit tees.

Since both control contacts of the 1831 activate at the same time, the potential of the lead switch shutting down the fan while preventing the lag switch from sending an alarming signal to the DDC is no longer a system liability.

  • For air and non-combustible, compatible gases
  • Setpoint adjustment via screw type inside mounting spud
  • Two SPDT switches with single setpoint for DPDT action; 1 millisecond maximum actuation delay between contacts
  • 1/8" NPTF process connections, screw-type terminal block electrical connections
  • Pressure limits to 10 PSIG continuous, 25 PSIG surge

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DPDT Differential Pressure Switch with Manual Reset, Silicone Diaphragm, Activate on Pressure Rise
2.5" to 9" WC 1831-1-RA-S
7.5" to 23" WC 1831-2-RA-S
Accessories4" Hook 303SS Static Pressure TipA-302F-A
4" Straight 303SS Static Pressure Tip A-489
6" Hook 303SS Static Pressure Tip A-302F-B
6" Straight 303SS Static Pressure Tip A-491
8" Hook 303SS Static Pressure Tip A-302F-C
8" Straight 303SS Static Pressure Tip A-493
Mounting Bracket A-389

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Measuring Range 2.5" to 9" WC or 7.5" to 23" WC
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