DeZURIK Manual Gear Actuators MG and AM Series

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DeZURIK manual gear cast iron actuators are available with handwheel, chainwheel, or 2" sqaure nut operators for use on DeZURIK butterfly valves, rotary control valves, v-port ball valves, and eccentric plug valves.

Territory Restriction: DeZURIK/APCO/Hilton and Willamette appointed Lesman as its exclusive industrial representative in 2017. Lesman's DeZURIK territory includes the entire state of Illinois, Eastern Missouri, select counties in Northwest Indiana, and select western counties in Kentucky. DeZURIK customers outside the Lesman territory can find their local representative at

DeZURIK manual gear actuators are manufactured for durability and performance with cast iron bodies and sintered bronze bearings on each end of the input shaft. They come with handwheel, chainwheel, or 2" square nut operators.
Manual gear actuators are equipped with an easy-to-read valve position indicator and externally adjustable open and closed position stop screws for easy adjustment of gear limit stop positions.

  • Weatherproof and sealed to prevent moisture and dirt from entering
  • Lockout option available on handwheel operators
  • For use on BHP High-Performance Butterfly Valves, BOS-US Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves, RCV Rotary Control Valves, VPB V-Port Ball Valves and 1/2" to 3" PEC Eccentric Plug Valves
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