DeZURIK KGO Cast Stainless Steel O-Port Gate Valves for Dry Solids

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DeZURIK KGO O-Port gate valves can handle most liquids, slurries and dry materials, and are ideally suited for high-consistency paper stock, wood chips, fly ash, bottom ash, and slurries with 30% plus solids content.

DeZURIK KGO o-port valves are specifically designed for high-density paper stock, wood chips, plastic pellets, cleaners, trash dump, fly ash, slurries with high solids content, highly viscous fluids, and refiner bypass isolation applications. The KGO valves are ideally suited for closing through a standing column of dry materials. (See animation below).

Looking for a fabricated valve in larger sizes? See the Hilton KGO-FAB (H-1500 Thru Port)

  • Available valve sizes: cast design 2" to 24"
  • Pressure rating: 150 PSI CWP
  • Temperature range: to 500°F standard
  • Full round port minimizes turbulence and pressure loss
  • Shutoff meets MSS SP-81 requirements
  • Cast 316 stainless steel body with 316 SS or resilient (EPDM or PTFE) seats
  • Compatible with handwheel, chainwheel, bevel gear, cylinder and electric motor actuators
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