Testo 316-2 Gas Leak Detector for Fast Check Measurement

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Handheld gas leak detector for carrying out checks on flanges, fittings or any other places that are typically prone to leaking. It's designed for quick and accurate measurement of higher concentrations of methane, propane, and hydrogen in the surrounding air.

The testo 316-2 is a handheld, user-friendly gas leak detector optimal for fast check measurements. It features an integrated pump, optical presentation of the gas concentrations detected, and the integrated rechargeable battery. It's great for identifying smaller leaks in the gas pipelines quickly and reliably. Smaller leaks often can't be detected by odor, lead directly to higher consumption and, in the long run, increase the risk of accidents.

Kit includes: testo 316-2 electronic gas leak detector with flexible measurement probe, charger, and earphones.

  • Measuring range: Methane (10 ppm to 4,0 Vol. % CH4), Propane (10 ppm to 1,9 Vol. % C3H8), Hydrogen (10 ppm to 4,0 Vol. % H2)
  • Optical and audible alarm with bar display for increasing and dangerous gas concentrations
  • Trend display shows maximum leakage
  • Flexible measurement probe for inaccessible places
  • Earphone connection for secure leakage localization in loud surroundings
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Measuring Range 10 ppm to 4.0 Vol.% Methane and Hydrogen, 10 ppm to 1.9 Vol.% Propane
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