Bellofram Type 2000 High Accuracy I/P (Current to Pneumatic) Transducer

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Type 2000 I/P transducer to operate actuators, valve positioners, relays, controllers, cluthes, brakes, or air cylinders. Provides field-selectable inputs, direct-, reverse-, or split-ranging models, and precise, reliable performance under extreme conditions.

Bellofram's Type 2000 I/P transducer regulates an incoming supply pressure down to a precise output pressure directly proportional to the electrical control signal. It uses closed-loop pressure feedback control for precision pressure output, and to minimize the effects of temperature, supply pressure, and voltage changes, as well as changes in mounting angle.

  • ±0.1% full scale accuracy typical
  • High immunity to EMI/RFI, insensitive to extreme vibration
  • Supply and output ports on front and back of unit
  • NEMA 4X and intrinsically safe models
  • External zero and span adjustments
  • Built-in volume booster for flow capacity to 7 SCFM

Model Selection Guide

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Catalog Number
Full Range
Catalog Number
Split Range, High
Catalog Number
Split Range, Low
Type 2000 I/P transducers with 4–20 mA input (direct acting), 1/4" NPT pneumatic port, 1/2" NPT conduit electrical port
FM and CSA
Intrinsically Safe
3-15 PSI2K-SNNF-42DF315-002K-SNNF-42DH315-002K-SNNF-42DL315-00
3-27 PSI2K-SNNF-42DF327-002K-SNNF-42DH327-002K-SNNF-42DL327-00
6-30 PSI2K-SNNF-42DF630-002K-SNNF-42DH630-002K-SNNF-42DL630-00
FM and CSA
3-15 PSI2K-ENNF-42DF315-002K-ENNF-42DH315-002K-ENNF-42DL315-00
3-27 PSI2K-ENNF-42DF327-002K-ENNF-42DH327-002K-ENNF-42DL327-00
6-30 PSI2K-ENNF-42DF630-002K-ENNF-42DH630-002K-ENNF-42DL630-00
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