Bellofram Type 1000 I/P (Current to Pneumatic) Transducers

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The acknowledged industry standard, Bellofram's Type 1000 transducers reduce a supply pressure to a regulated output pressure proportional to the 4-20 mA electrical input signal, typically used to provide air to an actuator to control a damper or valve positioner. T1000 supply pressure can range from 3 PSIG above maximum regulated output up to 100 PSIG.

Bellofram's Type 1000 transducer converts an electrical signal to a pneumatic output to operate valve, damper and louver actuators, valve positioners, controllers, relays, air cylinders, and clutches or brakes. An integral volume booster provides high flow capacity (to 12 SCFM).

Models are available in general purpose, NEMA 4X, extended range, high relief, intrinsically safe, and explosion proof constructions. Type 1000 I/P transducers can be pipe-, panel-, or bracket-mounted in any position. All Type 1000 transducers are factory-calibrated for direct acting operation, but can be switched to reverse acting, to provide a minimum of their full rated output pressure at input signal failure.

  • Light weight, mounts at any angle
  • For clean, dry, oil-free air
  • Low air consumption
  • Wide supply pressure range, with low supply pressure sensitivity
  • General service models have external zero and span adjustments
  • Built-in volume booster
  • Linearity <1.0% span, repeatability <0.5% span, hysteresis <1.0% span
  • Models available with FM, CSA, CE approvals
  • General purpose 3-15 PSIG model can be recalibrated to 3-9 PSIG or 9-15 PSIG for split-ranging applications. This model normally available from Lesman stock.
  • Ships with flat mounting bracket and mounting screws

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application. Click the model number to order in our secure online store. If the model or range you need isn't listed here. Call Lesman at 800-953-7626.

Enclosure Rating/
Output RangeClick for Price and Availability
I/P transducers with 4–20 mA input, 1/4" NPT pneumatic port, and 1/2" NPT electric port
General Purpose1-17 PSI 961-116-001
3-15 PSI961-070-000
9-15 PSI961-073-000
3-27 PSI961-074-000
6-30 PSI961-075-000
NEMA 4X3-15 PSI961-070-004
9-15 PSI961-073-004
3-27 PSI961-074-004
6-30 PSI961-075-004
FM Intrinsically Safe3-15 PSI 961-099-000
3-27 PSI961-100-000
FM Explosion-Proof3-15 PSI961-098-000
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