ASCO Valve 8212 Two-Way Clean Water Solenoid Valves

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Sizes 3/8" to 1". Normally open and normally closed models. NSF-certified general service pilot-operated valves in composite plastic for clean water applications. Lead-free models also available.

See model selection chart below.

  • Composite plastic (PPE) body and stainless steel internals
  • Two-way, normally open or normally closed
  • NSF certified drinking water and lead-free versions: NSF 61-G, 169, 42, and 372
  • UL recognized, CSA certified coils
  • Mountable in any position, upright preferred
  • ASCO FasN™ connection system available in NPT thread (shown) for pipe, solvent bond for PVC tubing, or Turn & Lock for copper or PEX tubing
  • For ambient temperatures between 32° and 120° F (100° F for normally open valves)

Composite Body Water Conditioning and Purification Solenoid Valves

After selecting your valve model, go to the second chart to pick your coil electrical connections, pressure vessel option, and voltage. A completed part number will look like this:  8212A019L0100F0.

Models shown here with ASCO FasN™ Connection System NPT thread (for NPT pipes). Also available with solvent bond connections for PVC tubing or Turn & Lock connections for copper or PEX tubing.

Size (In)
Size (In)
FasN End
Flow Factor
Operating Pressure
Differential (PSI)
Max Fluid
Temp °F
Click for
Price and
(Base Valve)*
Replacement Coil
Catalog Number
Drinking Water
NSF 61G, 169, 42
General Service, Normally Closed Operation
3/85/8NPT Thread (2)351501806.38212A001 M200453A00400147-225-D
1/23/4NPT Thread (2)4.551501806.3 8212A019 M200454A00400147-225-D
3/43/4NPT Thread (2)751501806.3 8212A037 M200455A00400147-225-D
11NPT Thread (2)1351501226.3 8212A055 M200456A00400147-225-D
General Service, Normally Open Operation
3/85/8NPT Thread (2)35120180118212A002 M200453A00433763-225-D
1/23/4NPT Thread (2)4.5512018011 8212A020 M200454A00433763-225-D
3/43/4 NPT Thread (2)7 5120 18011 8212A038 M200455A00433763-225-D
11NPT Thread (2)135120122118212A056 M200456A00433763-225-D
Lead-Free Version:
NSF 372 Lead
Content Certification
General Service, Normally Closed Operation
3/85/8NPT Thread (2)351501806.38212A501 M200453A00400147-225-D
1/23/4NPT Thread (2)4.551501806.3 8212A519 M200454A00400147-225-D
3/43/4NPT Thread (2)751501806.3 8212A537 M200455A00400147-225-D
11NPT Thread (2)1351501226.3 8212A555 M200456A00400147-225-D
General Service, Normally Open Operation
3/85/8NPT Thread (2)3512018011 8212A502 M200453A00433763-225-D
1/23/4NPT Thread (2)4.5512018011 8212A520 M200454A00433763-225-D
3/43/4NPT Thread (2)7512018011 8212A538 M200455A00433763-225-D
11NPT Thread (2)13512012211 8212A556 M200456A00433763-225-D

*  Complete your Valve Model by Adding the Following Options to the End of the Catalog Number:

Description Option Catalog Code
Coil Electrical
Leaded Coil
Leaded Coil with 1/2" NPT Threaded Conduit Adapter
Pressure Vessel None 100
Voltages 120/60, 110/50 VAC for Normally Closed Valves
120/60 VAC for Normally Open Valves
24/60 VAC for Normally Open or Normally Closed Valves
240/60, 220/50 VAC for Normally Closed Valves
24 VDC for Normally Open and Normally Closed Valves
Accessories Catalog Number
Female DIN Connector Kit for Coils 226061-001-*
1/2" NPT Conduit Hub Kit for Leaded Coils 224735-001-*
Mounting Bracket Kit 297395-004
FasN End
Connector Kits
(for NPT Threads)
3/8" NPT M200453A00
1/2" NPT M200454A00
3/4" NPT M200455A00
1" NPT M200456A00
More Information
Valve Function General Service, Potable Water
Solenoid Valve Type Two Way
Operation Normally Open, Normally Closed
Body Material Plastic
Pipe Size 3/8 Inch, 1/2 Inch, 3/4 Inch, 1 Inch
Valve Media Water-Clean Liquids
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