AquaMetrix AM-ES1 Wide Range Toroidal Conductivity Sensor

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Electrodeless (toroidal) polypropylene thermoplastic conductivity probe. Wide-ranging probe measures from 4 to 400 μS/cm. Integral automatic temperature compensation, and 5.5" insertion length. Comes standard with 15-foot cable. Compatible with AM-2251 analyzer/controller. Replaces retired ES1A conductivity sensor.

AquaMetrix ES electrodeless conductivity sensors are ideal for processes where contacting conductivity cells can become fouled or corroded. The toroidal sensor is made of two-wire wound toroids encapsulated in a potting compond and encased in a polypropylene plastic enclosure. The current output between the two toroids is directly proportional to the conductivity of the process solution.

Traditional toroidal conductivity sensors measure conductivity values of 100 μS/cm or higher. When paired with the AquaMetrix AM-2251 analyzer/controller, a single temperature-compensated AM-ES1 conductivity sensor can measure conductivity levels from as low as 4 μS/cm to 400 μS/cm.

  • Key applications include plating, high purity water, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications, reverse osmosis systems, fume scrubbers, boilers, cooling towers, and textile manufacturing.
  • Flexible measurement! One AM-ES1 cell measures from 4 to 400 μS/cm
  • Automatic temperature compensation with Pt1000 RTD (standard)
  • Rated for use in temperatures 23° to 176° F (-5° to 80°C) and pressures to 100 PSIG max
  • Fully encapsulated polypropylene enclosure
  • 3/4" NPT polypropylene fitting
  • Comes standard with 15-foot (4.5m) cable
  • Replaces the retired AquaMetrix ES1A conductivity sensor and the GLI 3725E2T conductivity sensor
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Measuring Range 4 to 400 μS/cm
Wetted Materials Polypropylene
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