APCO AVV Air/Vacuum Valves

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APCO AVV air/vacuum valves let air out of the pipeline when it is being filled and prevent vacuum by letting air in when the liquid is drained.

Territory Restriction: DeZURIK/APCO/Hilton and Willamette appointed Lesman as its exclusive industrial representative in 2017. Lesman's DeZURIK territory includes the entire state of Illinois, Eastern Missouri, select counties in Northwest Indiana, and select western counties in Kentucky. DeZURIK customers outside the Lesman territory can find their local representative at DeZURIK.com.

APCO AVV air/vacuum valves are designed to let the air in or out of the pipeline through a large venting orifice. They are used to exhaust large quantities of air from a pipeline when it is being filled and remain closed until the pipeline needs to be drained. The AVV valve opens immediately when the liquid begins to drain to prevent vacuum from occurring and damaging the pipeline.

  • Available valve sizes: 1/2" to 24"
  • Body materials: ductile iron standard, carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials available on request
  • Eliminates risk of collapsing the line due to vacuum
  • Exhausts air when the line is filled
  • Every valve hydrostatically factory tested
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