Anderson Greenwood V6 and VA Gauge Valve Bleeder Accessories

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Anderson Greenwood V6 bleeder valve and VA bleed plug accessories for pressures up to 6000 PSIG come standard in 1/2" NPT connection.

Anderson Greenwood V6 bleeder valve is an accessory to remove liquid or gas from an instrument connected to a gauge valve. Its bonnet and seat are integrated with a hex plug body, producing a bleeder valve that vents to atmosphere and offers bubble-tight shutoff.

The VA bleed plug provides a cost-effective means of bleeding process pressure trapped between a multiport gauge valve, like the Anderson-Greenwood M5, and an instrument.

  • Stainless steel body; other materials available
  • Standard 1/2" NPT threaded connections
  • Max Pressure: 6,000 PSIG

Model Selection Guide

Inlet Body Seat Catalog Number
1/2" NPTM316 SS IntegralV6VIS-4
1/2" NPTM316 SS IntegralVAS-4
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