Affiliate Programs

Custom Stock Lists

One of the easiest ways to increase the profitability of a product line is to increase the number of inventory turns. Since Lesman already accesses millions of dollars in inventory, it's easy for us to provide excellent service levels with absolutely no inventory. In order to provide seamless customer service, you'll need to know what we stock. We propose either (a) a regularly issued paper stock list or (b) a web-based electronic stock list that can be easily accessed while you're serving a customer, creating the illusion of having a vast inventory, even when you don't physically (or financially) have one.

Finder's Fee for Large Accounts

Sometimes, opportunities come along that cannot be handled through multiple layers of distribution. Instead of spending time chasing these opportunities, we would like to offer our affiliates a Finder's Fee. If you introduce us to an account currently served by a mutual competitor, we'll pay you a 10% commission on any sale made by Lesman to that account for the first six months.

Additional Competitive Discounts to Service Supply Chain Management Accounts

On a case-by-case basis, we're willing to work with our affiliates to include Lesman products into situations where you are performing Integrated Supply functions. This could include accounts where you are performing Bin Stocking programs or are named as a Sole Source Supplier. Appropriate discounts and terms will be negotiated with each situation to maximize the chance of winning the account.

Direct Shipments with Customized Paperwork

We estimate that, by using drop shipments from our warehouse direct to their customers, our affiliates can decrease their cost of goods by six percent. Take a look at one real-life example:

Incoming Freight  (As a percent of cost of goods purchased from Lesman) 1.84%
Material Handing Costs (as a percent of cost of goods sold) 3.96%
Warehouse Expense (as a percent of cost of goods sold) 0.24%
Total Impact of Using Direct Shipments 6.04%


Lesman's direct shipment program is easy to use. When you place an order with us, just provide your customer's Ship-To address and PO Number. The shipment will come from our warehouse, but all the paperwork will show your company information!

Monthly Billing Program

An often-overlooked cost of doing business is the administrative costs of processing paperwork. Instead of processing an invoice every other day, you would be processing one per month and accumulating significant cost savings!

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