WAGO 2787-2144 Pro2 24VDC/5A DIN-Rail Mount Power Supply [60411491]

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WAGO Pro2 DIN-rail mountable single phase power supply, 24 VDC/5A output, 120W nominal output power. Input voltage 90-264 VAC/130-240 VDC. CAGE Clamp connection technology PowerBoost 7.5A for 5 seconds, TopBoost 600% for 15 msec. Communications module optional.

With TopBoost, PowerBoost and further parameterizable overload behavior, the WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply protects your equipment and provides intelligent current and switching modes. 

  • TopBoost allows up to 600% output voltage for 15 milliseconds in the event of a short circuit and safely triggers thermomagnetic circuit breakers.
  • PowerBoost provides an additional 150% output power for five seconds, allowing capacitors to be charged more quickly and capacitive loads to be switched reliably.
  • Single-channel electronic circuit breaker (ECB) included, programmable via software.
  • Input voltage range: AC 90-264 V | DC 130-240 V
  • DC 7.5 A (5 sec) PowerBoost 
  • Up to 600% TopBoost
  • 240W Nominal output power
  • Width 50 mm
  • DIN-35 rail mount
  • -25° to 70° C operating temperature 
  • CAGE CLAMP connection technology 

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