WAGO 258-5000 Smart Printer Kit with Marking Material [2585000]

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Thermal transfer printer Smart Printer for marking terminal blocks, cables, conductors, and devices, 300 dpi print resolution (12 pixel/mm). Operates via color TFT LCD with navigation button. USB, RS-232, 10/100-Base T Ethernet. Kit ships with printer,power supply and cable, one roll holder, martScript marking software and driver, USB cable, external unwider, two empty cardboard roller cores, and one each: 258-5005 thermal transfer ink ribbon, 258-506 and 258-5007 roller, 2009-110 and 2009-115 marking strips.

  • One printer supports markers for terminal blocks, wires, cables, and other control cabinet components
  • Capable of printing identification using a variety of preloaded fonts plus 1D or 2D barcodes as well as .BMP or .CPX format graphics, all programmable using included software
  • Multiple rollers, ink transfer ribbons available to match your marker needs
  • Pick your compatible markers based on size and mounting style.
  • 8MB flash memory, 16MB SDRAM
  • Thermal transfer marking method
  • 300 dpi (12 pixels/mm) print resolution 
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 supported operating systems

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