Lesman Combustion Products offering


Elster Kromschroder is a world leader in combustion and control products for industrial applications, including burners and blowers, flow control valves and metering systems, packaged burner systems, flame safeguard relays, safety shut-off valves, butterfly valves and programmable actuators, pressure switches and regulators, solenoid valves, and complete combustion systems.

In 2010, Kromshroder US joined with Hauck Manufacturing, now part of Honeywell Industrial and Commercial Thermal, to better provide North American customers with state-of-the-art combustion and process control systems for virtually any heating application.

Burner Control Systems
Kromschroder IFS 258 and IFD 258 Automatic Burner Control Units
Kromschroder IFS 110IM Automatic Burner Control Unit for Gas-Fired Burners
Kromschroder IFW 15T-N Flame Relay for Multiburner Control Applications
Kromschroder BCU 370 Burner Control Unit
Flame Scanners
Kromschroder UVS 10D2 Ultraviolet Flame Detector
Ionization Pilots
Kromschroder ZAI Ionization Pilot for Natural Gas and Atmospheric Burners
Kromschroder ZKIH Ionization Pilot for Direct Ignition Burners
Kromschroder ZMI Ionization Pilot for Industrial Clean Gas Burners
Pressure Switches
Kromschroder DG Pressure Switches for Air and Gas Pressures
Kromschroder DG VT Safety Limit Pressure Switches
Valves and Actuators
Kromschroder BV Butterfly Valves for Gas Flow Rate Control
Kromschroder IC20 and IC40 Valve Actuators for BV Butterfly Valves
Kromschroder Valvario® VAS Gas Safety Shutoff Solenoid Valves