Honeywell Process Instrumentation

Lesman is pleased to be the authorized stocking representative for Honeywell products in Illinois, Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana, Eastern Iowa, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Whether you need transmitters, analytical systems, controllers, recorders, motors, or ISA100 wireless field instruments, we can help.

By stocking the most popular models and ranges, Lesman can provide you with quick delivery on the instruments you need. Just 24 hours (in most cases) from the time you place your order for in-stock instrumentation.

For Honeywell flame safeguard and combustion systems, including Iris Systems products and Maxon valves and industrial burners, see the Combustion and Flame Safety page.

Side-by-Side Comparisons of Honeywell Process Instruments
Honeywell UDC Digital Controllers
Honeywell Circular Chart Recorders
Honeywell Advanced Paperless Recorders
Honeywell Rotary Actuators
Actuator Motors
Honeywell Modutrol Low-Torque Rotary Actuator Motors
Honeywell HercuLine® 10260A Medium Torque Rotary Actuator Motor
Honeywell HercuLine® 10260S Medium Torque Smart Actuator Motors
Honeywell HercuLine® 2000 Low Torque Precision Smart Actuators
Analytical Systems
Honeywell APT2000 Two-Wire Analytical Process Transmitter with HART® Communications
Honeywell APT4000 Four-Wire Analyzer/Transmitter/Controller
Honeywell UDA2182 Single- or Dual-Loop Mixed Input Analyzer
Honeywell Durafet® III Non-Glass (ISFET) pH Electrodes
Honeywell Meredian II Glass Electrodes for pH and ORP
Honeywell HPW7000 Hi-pHurity Water System
Honeywell 7758 pH Electrode for Pipeline Installations
Honeywell 7773 pH Electrode Immersion and Flow Through Mounting
Honeywell 7774 Stainless Steel Insertion Mounting for pH Electrodes
Honeywell 7777 Mounting for Durafet® II and Glass pH Electrodes
Honeywell 7777DVP Mounting for Durafet® III pH Electrodes
Honeywell 7794DVP Mounting for Durafet® III Sanitary pH Electrodes
Honeywell 4905 Insertion or Immersion Mount Conductivity Cells
Honeywell 4908/4909 Insertion Mount Conductivity Cell Assemblies and Replacement Cells
Honeywell 4973/4974 Insertion and CIP Mount Conductivity Cells
Honeywell 5000TC Toroidal (Electrodeless) Conductivity Sensors
Honeywell 7866 Analyzer System for Hydrogen Gas Purity
Controllers and Programmers
Honeywell ControlEdge Programmable Logic Controller
Honeywell ControlEdge™ HC900 Process and Safety System
Honeywell DCP50 1/16 DIN Single-Channel Controller/Programmer
Honeywell DCP100 1/4 DIN Single-Channel Controller/Programmer
Honeywell DCP300 Single/Dual-Channel Controller/Programmer
Honeywell DCP550 Series Advanced Multichannel Programmers
Honeywell EasySet Digital Temperature Controllers
Honeywell Experion LX Distributed Control System
Honeywell 900 Control Station User Interface for HC900 Hybrid Control System
Honeywell UDC100 1/4 DIN Single-Loop PID Temperature Controller
Honeywell UDC1200 1/16 DIN Single-Loop PID Universal Digital Controller
Honeywell UDC1700 1/8 DIN Single-Loop PID Universal Digital Controller
Honeywell UDC2500 1/4 DIN Single-Loop PID Universal Digital Controller
Honeywell UDC3200 1/4 DIN Single-Loop PID Universal Digital Controller
Honeywell UDC3500 1/4 DIN Dual-Loop PID Universal Digital Controller
Digital Indicators for Process Signals and Temperature
Honeywell UDC2500 1/4 DIN Universal Digital Indicator
Honeywell UDI1700 1/8 DIN Universal Digital Indicator
Recorders and Data Acquisition
Honeywell DR4300 10" Circular Chart Recorder
Honeywell DR4500 12" Classic Circular Chart Recorder
Honeywell DR4500 12" Truline Circular Chart Recorder
Honeywell DR Graphic 12.1" Circular Paperless Process Recorder
Honeywell eZtrend GR 5.7" Display Web-Ready Electronic Data Recorder
Honeywell Minitrend GR 5.7" Display Web-Ready Paperless Recorder
Honeywell Multitrend GR 12.1" Display High Performance Web-Enabled Paperless Recorder
Tank Level Gauging
Honeywell Enraf Servo Gauge 854 ATG Advanced Tank Gauge
Honeywell Enraf Servo Gauge 854 XTG Transmitting Tank Gauge
Honeywell Enraf 970 SmartRadar ATi Radar Tank Gauge for Custody Transfer
Honeywell Enraf 971 SmartRadar LTi Radar Tank Gauge for Storage Tank Measurement
Honeywell Enraf 973 SmartRadar LT for Intermediate Liquid Storage Measurement
Honeywell Enraf SmartRadar FlexLine Series for Precision Radar Tank Gauging
Transmitters for Temperature, Pressure, Level, and Flow
Lesman Air Bubbler Systems for Liquid Level (with Honeywell ST700 and ST800 Pressure Transmitters)
Honeywell SmartLine SLG700 Guided Wave Radar Smart Transmitter for Level Measurement
Honeywell STA700 Modular Absolute Pressure Smart Transmitters
Honeywell STA800 Modular Absolute Pressure Smart Transmitters
Honeywell STD700 Modular Differential Pressure Smart Transmitters
Honeywell STD800 Modular Differential Pressure Smart Transmitters
Honeywell STF700 Hydrostatic Pressure Smart Transmitters for Liquid Level Applications
Honeywell STG700 Modular Gage Pressure Smart Transmitters
Honeywell STG800 Modular Gage Pressure Smart Transmitters
Honeywell SMV800 SmartLine Multivariable Transmitter
Honeywell STT170 Programmable Temperature Transmitters
Honeywell STT250 Smart Temperature Transmitter
Honeywell STT850 SmartLine Temperature Transmitter with Advanced Display
Wireless Sensors and Transmitters
Honeywell OneWireless Universal Wireless Mesh Networks and XYR6000 Wireless Transmitters
Honeywell XYR6000 STAW Wireless Absolute Pressure Transmitter
Honeywell XYR6000 STDW Wireless Differential Pressure Transmitter
Honeywell XYR6000 STGW Wireless Gauge Pressure Transmitter
Honeywell XYR6000 STIW Wireless Transmitters for High Level Analog Inputs
Honeywell XYR6000 STTW Wireless Temperature Transmitter
Accessories and Software
Honeywell HAL Actuator Motor Linkage Analysis Software for Windows
Honeywell SCT3000 Smartline Configuration Toolkit
Honeywell MCT404 MC Toolkit Handheld DE/HART Configurator
Honeywell HC900 Hybrid Control Designer Software
Honeywell Process Instrument Explorer (PIE) Configuration Software
Honeywell Screen Designer Software for Trendview Recorders
Honeywell TrendManager Pro Configuration and Analysis Software
Honeywell TrendServer Pro Configuration, Analysis and Monitoring Software for Paperless Recorders
Honeywell TrendViewer Software for Paperless Recorders